Confliction on Americans Right to Bear Arms

In 1789, James Madison first introduced one of the most important documents to the development of the United States??“ the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights included ten Amendments, which generally stated and affirmed the rights of human being??™s equality. The document soon effectively became the first ten United States??™ Constitution Amendments and it lasts until today as a sign of states??™ fundamental principle of human??™s liberty. The document seem to be especially suitable for the reasons what people mean to make it ??“ to protect the rights of human. However, there is nothing perfect at all ??“ the second amendment, which concerns of guns ownership, brings out numerous of arguments throughout citizen??™s conflict opinions. The essay fluently gives out an overview of the second amendment, and explants how its different interpretations have led to controversies today.
Back to the previous centuries when the first American settlers fight against British for freedom, guns power were the useful hand to support the colonies in wars. The founders of early government called citizens??™ agreement for forming a Constitution, and the Constitution was basely formed up on the British laws and events. The British had a tradition of protecting individual rights from government, which was mentioned in the English Declaration of Rights and the Magna Carta. Right to bear arms was formed in that way through the idea of individual self- protection. From generations to generations, the idea of guns ownership in America is still an unsolvable issue that has led to controversies today between conflict political perspectives, governors, news, and citizens.
One of the points of view about this right to bear arm is supporting it with the reason ???individual self-protection.??? The supporters for the right though that the world they are living is unsafe, and they need guns on side to survive. James Salzer, Atlanta journal constitution reporter, said that: ???there is no evidence Georgians licensed to carry firearms would endanger the public if allowed to bring their weapons to church or onto college campuses.??? Their feeling of insecure is common because crimes are heard anywhere in daily news. Robbers, homicide, rapes occurring are counted by the unit of seconds, not by hours anymore. The violence appear usually lead to a number of people strongly need arms for protect themselves. The United States??™ Constitution second amendment mentioned the right to bear arms; it is the right that Americans wanted and it might not be reject-able. Nevertheless, the Protesters of the guns right have shown an opposite perspective to this issue.
Beside the point of view of the supporters in guns right, protest perspective give out a distinctive idea about arms bearing right for individual. At first, they concern of guns ownership would like to make more violence than to against it. According to the CBS news once reported about Georgia government authority of guns in their busiest airport: ???allowing guns at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport could cause significant economic damage and could be a serious threat to public safety and welfare.” Second, they strongly give out opinions about the guns ownership license procedure is being violated because it is too easy to get a license in America. Thirst, they ask the right authority or government why not to harmless the violation in society before think of giving guns for everybody. As the CBS news also stated: ???They have asked the Transportation Security Administration to amend the airports federal security program so that guns are banned in all areas, including certain parking facilities.??? The supporters and protesters have their same situation on concern for social security becauseviolence in the country is growing. Those are the good ideas for booth of sides, and it has been in the different interpretations for a long time, unsolvable.
In conclusion, the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, which keeps American??™s right to have guns, leads to those differences of controversies today. People can support or against guns, it depends on their perspective and choice. However, society is being endangered by violence, and the power elite should find out the possible solution for this serious problem. The amendment was formed to protect its citizens, but people are not. A wise person once said: ???guns do not kill people, people kill people.???
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