Conformity Essay

Conformity is defined as the changing of ones attitudes, opinions or behaviours in order to match the attitudes, opinions or behaviours or others. Conformity does indeed alienate the individual as shown in the book the wave written by Morton rhue, the story revolves around a history teacher conducting a experiment in a typical American high school in order to show his students how it would be like living in Nazi Germany during world war 2 when the country was under Hitler??™s dictatorship. Another text that also shows that conformity does indeed alienate the individual is the song boulevard of broken dreams by American band green day, the song talks about a guy who is alone and lonely because he refuses to conform with the rest of society because he prefers to be an individual.
First reason why conformity does alienate the individual is show in the book the wave by Morton rhue through the character of Laurie Saunders who is a teenage girl, popular, attractive and is a typical American girl going to a typical American high school. Laurie??™s gets good grades and has a boyfriend on the football team. Everything is perfect in her life until an organisation called the wave begins to gain power in the school and everybody is getting caught up with it, she refuses to join the wave because she believes that its out of control and people are getting too carried away with it, as they are chanting, saluting and putting banners around the school. A quote to reinforce the unstable behaviours inside the wave organisation comes from Laurie ??? my mother says it sounds like brainwashing to her??? this quote shows that the wave organisation is like a dictatorship and the organisation looks down on people who refuse to be members, for this reason conformity does indeed alienate the individual.
The second reason why conformity does alienate the individual is also shown through the book the wave by Morton rhue, it??™s shown through the character of David Collins who is a tall, good looking boy and is Laurie??™s boyfriend. He gets alienated by conformity after he quits the wave organisation and joins Laurie on her quest to spread how terrible the organisation really is , as it takes away peoples ability to think for themselves as well as their individuality, instead they follow the decision made by the wave itself. A quote to reinforce this point is quoted by David Collins himself ???tonight I almost hurt Laurie because of the wave??? this is quoted by David Collins after he threw Laurie to the ground for refusing to stop saying bad things about the organisation. This quote also shows that the wave takes away peoples individuality and ability to think for themselves. It also shows what it would be like for someone living during World War 2, when the Nazi party got people carried away and caused them to do things that they would normally see as evil and terrible.
One additional text that also shows how individuals are alienated through conformity is the song boulevard of broken dreams by green day released in 2004. The song is about a guy who is alone, and that all he has ever known, this song shows that the person is alienated and isolated from the rest of society due to conformity. The road he walks in the song is sort of like a metaphor for life. This is shown through the lyrics ???I walk alone, my shadow is the only one that walks beside me??? and through the poetic technique which is the repetition of the words ???I walk alone??? which emphasise the guys loneliness and alienation from the rest of society caused by his refusal to conform with the norms and the rest of the world.
In conclusion conformity does indeed alienate and isolate the individual. This is shown in a variety of ways such as poetic techniques, song lyrics, character quotes and the characters themselves in the two texts boulevard of broken dreams and the book the wave.

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