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Connection of Diverse WorkforceIn today??™s workforce diversity has become a key factor in the success of the workplace because of the various skills the people are brining to the workplace. When an employer wants to make the workplace a reflection or the company??™s values and philosophies, the company must not only discuss how to be successful rather not discuss about the company must take action as well. For example, a company puts out a memo out telling the employees about being kind to each other and respectful to each other, then the leaders in the company walk around telling the employees how the company appreciates his or her hard work. In this paper I will discuss communications issues how to avoid issues how to address the problems when they arise the bond the diverse work force promotes within the workforce team and how to deal with problems such as discrimination, exclusion and prejudice behavior.
The communication issues I have experienced in the Army has been when a person did not correctly pass a message to myself resulting in me completing work that need to be done at a later date and the work that need to be complete immediately was postponed because of bad communication from my leader. Another communication issue was a leader who was from Mexico and his first language was Spanish had a heavy accent and it was hard for most everyone to understand the messages he would tell everyone. The leader spoke very quickly, which made understanding what he was trying to articulate was more difficult , this resulted in people not moving to the destination he told us to and the leader the punished the people who didn??™t make the journey to the destination because they didn??™t understand his message.
To avoid the issues of bad communication the leader to should have taken the time to write the message down exactly how the message was passed to him or her. This will alleviate the error of passing incorrect information. Another way to overcome the communication problems is the leadership understands how the work culture best receives communication. For example, a leader may not have a good connection with the employees so another leader who has a better connection with the employees may pass message so the employees properly receive the information. When issues occur the issues should be dealt with early and when in need. Many misunderstandings that should be minor can become very large and out of control if not dealt with early. The person or persons with the issue should be taken aside by the leader and he or she should receive corrective training on the problems this should help to eliminate the problem before it spirals out of control.
The army promotes the bonding between diverse groups by using the month of the year to educate the people on the differences in the culture. For example the month of February is Black history month a person can learn about the African American culture. The education of the diverse cultures helps the cultures to understand that people have differences and that diversity should be celebrated not ignored. Another way the army brings diverse groups together is team building exercises. For example the obstacle course, the obstacle course has challenges that can only be complete through teamwork the purpose of the obstacle course shows the soldiers that no matter his or her differences if they work as a team the soldiers can accomplish any task. ???Many organizations continue to find themselves engaged in global works with commonalities and not the norms. The difference becomes the norms, bonding individuals in otherness??? (Deetz, Simpson 2004 p1).
The Army has zero tolerance for issues of discrimination, prejudice and exclusionary behavior, when these issues arise the army will bring the parties involved before a high ranking leader who will address the matter before the issues is taken before any military judge. The leaders will do his or her best to handle the situation at the lowest level possible. The Army is based on team work and diversity, which leaves no place for prejudice, discrimination and exclusion. The environment of the army is serious business that can cost soldiers lives. That is why there is a zero of no tolerance for the issues mentioned and the leaders will seek a solution immediately. The army understand that there is strength in diversity and to discriminate, exclude or be prejudice, which tears at the concept of one Army one team that is why the army celebrates the diversity of the soldiers.???Insights into the nature of exclusion and how to move beyond stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination to workplace collaboration boosts innovation, motivation, productivity, career success, and company profits??? (Ruffino, 2005 p1.)
In conclusion, the leaders who inspire the employees to do better and have good communication between the leaders to the employees will be the key factors in the success of a diverse workforce. The diversity of an organization be celebrated people have different culture, races religions or genders but he or she is a person we all have the same basic need food, water and shelter embrace and appreciate one another differences. References
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