How a Child, Young Person Could Be Harmed Through Using the Internet

It??™s called Cyber bullying, this could happen through:
??? Chat room, blogs and forums, people involved in discussions can be sent abusive responses.
??? Email: new addresses can be set up in minutes and used to send offensive messages and images.
??? Social networking and personal websites like Facebook or MySpace.
??? Identity theft: in many cyber environment fake profiles can easily set up and pretend to be someone else with the aim of bullying.
??? Instant message services: quicker than email, responding is immediate.
??? Webcams: used to view each other when chatting it could be used to filming.
??? Virtual Learning Environments
??? Video hosting sites: like YouTube children could find themselves on films been shown around.
??? Gaming sites, consoles and virtual worlds: they could be subjected to name calling, abusive remarks and chatting.How could you prevent this: ??? Encourage the child to talk about what??™s upsetting them.
??? Watch out for them seeming upset after using the net or mobile.
??? Try to understand the ways in which they are using their technologies.
??? Ask them to think about how their actions affect others.
??? Suggest that they only use moderated chat rooms.
??? Encourage them to show you any abusive or offensive emails or messages they??™ve received and keep a record.
??? Help them report any abuse to school, internet provider, website manager, Mobile Phone Company or the police.
??? Tell them never to respond to them.
??? Discuss keeping their passwords safe and avoid giving their name, email address or mobile phone number to people outside their circle of friends and family.
??? Change email address or telephone number if the abuse continuous.
??? Turn on in-built internet safety features and install computer software so you receive emails that you want and blocks the rest.
??? Tell them about places they can go for help like Cyber Mentors, ChildLine, and Childnet International.

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