How Assertive Are You

How Assertive Are You
Defining effective communication and explaining why quality interpersonal relationships are important in the health care industry. Describing what a supportive relationship is as well as what a defensive relationship is and which one is more appropriate for the healthcare industry. Defining what assertive style is and explained its appropriateness in a health care work place. Using self assessment to expression my own communication style along with using it as an example for what others can do to self-assess their assertiveness so that the appropriate changes can be made in their style to promote a positive influence on their health care workplace.
How Assertive Are You
When we hear the word ???assertive??? what comes to mind Do you picture an individual barking orders at other, not taking no for an answer, or some one simply stating what they think, feel, want, or need in a way that is direct, honest, all while still being respectful of the people in which they are communicating with If you guess the later of those choices than you would be correct.
No matter where you work or the situation you are in; the outcome mostly depends on effective communication. Being able to effectively communicate what it is you want, think, or feel in a respectful manner to those around surprisingly is not something we are born with. Take for example if you are a patient in a hospital, being able to effectively communicate the problems you are having would be key to reaching a better well being. Instead of being the patient look at it from a doctors??™ point of view or the nursing staff. Having quality interpersonal relationships would be very important in insuring that the patients you are in charge of are receiving the quality of care needed to reach their goal of getting better.
One thing is for certain, you do not want to confuse having an assertive style with having an aggressive one. There is a distinctive difference between the two, when being aggressive there is no regard of the other individuals feelings when expressing what it is you want, think, or feel. In a health care atmosphere you have to be able to clearly and directly state what it is you want accomplished mainly for the safety of the patient. With that said there are a couple different ways to do this and some are more successful than others. For instances would you take a supportive relationship perspective or a defensive one
Let??™s examine them both, have you ever walked into a room, workplace, or business and immediately picked up a ???vibe??? whether it be good or bad Or notice how some groups are warm and friendly while others came across cold and distant This would be known as the ???climate???, each of us have the ability to pick up these cues that let us know how to properly communicate. Now think back to the question in the health care industry would a supportive or defensive relationship be more appropriate I would have to go with a supportive relationship being the more appropriate choice. The reason I would choose supportive is because in a supportive climate there is description, problem orientation, spontaneity, empathy, equality, and provisionalism. To whereas in a defensive relationship there is evaluation, control, strategy, neutrality, superiority, certainty. In the healthcare industry it just makes more sense to me to have a supportive relationship, one that is warm and friendly but able to achieve the goals that both the doctor and patient need and want.
It is always a good idea to assess yourself before you start assessing others. I myself have done just that and was pretty surprised by my own results. Although my results showed that I am, for the most part, an assertive style there are still some areas I need to identify and work on. By knowing where my weakness are I can start to improve in those lacking areas. I intend on re-assessing myself every so often to see if there is any improvement in those areas as well as making sure I do not cross the line into an aggressive style. For me personally, I would much rather work with someone who is assertive rather than aggressive since it makes for a more productive environment.
Communication in the workplace Ch. 6

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